Where are your thoughts taking you in 2020?

Are they pulling you away from what you don’t want?

Are they consuming more energy than they create? Or... Are they propelling you forward towards what you do want?

Are they gathering momentum and alignment as they process? It really does matter... where focus goes, energy flows... thinking in flow and alignment allows you to operate from a vibration that attracts more of what we DO want.💫

Your thoughts create your version of reality, let’s make sure they are working for you!

When putting in your cosmic order this year, be very aware of how you word it.

If your New Years intention is to avoid something (think...Not have a relationship end... I won't eat chocolate anymore... To not take life too seriously) I strongly urge you to flip it and ask the question... What do I want?... from relationship, family, career or health? Setting goals and taking action from this view point is key. Clients spend a fair chunk of the Support and Momentum package dissecting and rearranging your thoughts/beliefs and goals so they are in flow with their highest values and stated how they do want them, it really is that important!

Warm Regards

Joan Xx

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