Presence over Presents

We can often be "presented" with many gifts over the festive season.

After the dust has settled is a perfect time to reflect on whether you were able to stay present or did you find yourself reacting to triggers and/or escaping through vices?

Internally I found the season quite calm and I was the most present and intentional I've ever been, with the difference this year being, well... me!  I've worked through many layers recently, although there was one trigger I needed to later reflect upon, I didn't allow it to ruin my day. 


I chose how I responded! 

You see, we are forever creating situations that we can learn from. I chose let go of the need to push the topic and always be right, therefore keeping ego in check and sat with it later as to why I had created the small conflict in the first place.

Of course it has nothing to do with the other person!

This difference in the way I handled this from previous years was huge for me and a beautiful gift to myself in the form of a reminder of how far I had come on the emotional intelligence scale!

If you had any icky situations this season, I encourage you to gift yourself some time of reflection and ponder the following questions;

Why did I create this situation?

What is there for me to learn from this, so it's not repeated in the future?

What is it about this situation that can I be grateful for?

How many ways could I have handled this better, that I didn't realise I already knew?

From this place of curiosity and creation I further encourage you to take a deep breath, close your eyes, connect within and visualise, in all the details, your most brilliant and unlimited future... where are you, who are you with, what goals are you kicking, what does this feel like and look like in your minds eye?

Owning the creation of your reality is the key to unleashing your personal power and presence in life.

It allows you to take back control and operate from a centred heart. Make aligning your thoughts to your actions and values a priority and 2020 will be you and your familys most brilliant and present year yet!

If there is resistence to setting goals, looking within or acknowledging traits, remember that it is perfectly normal, be brave and lean into it, commit to discovering more about yourself... you are worth the effort, you are worth meeting!

Warm Regards,

Joan Xx

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I'd be honoured to help you work through what ever pops up for you over the festive season, reach out below. 😊