Stress or Overwhelmed?

Are you feeling “it” day in and day out, just below the surface waiting for it to explode? Always there for when the right moment strikes, the triggers may vary, as do the reactions to it, but you know it’s simmering away. People talk about filling your cup first, but what if yours is a bucket... and it’s filled with yuck emotions?

In my support and momentum coaching package, one of the first things we do is go though the major negative emotions and clear them out so you have plenty of space in your container to cultivate love, joy, happiness or whatever floats your boat! To be rid of all the fear, guilt, sadness and anger behind all the stress and overwhelm allows space to be present in life, cultivate strong relationships, and to truly see others for who they are rather than what they are trigging in us - yes - what they trigger in us - it’s our emotion to deal with, not theirs. Reach out to find out more about how you can claim back your energy, balance and calmness within!

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