Hypnosis - What is it?

There are many forms of hypnosis, yes, some a lot cheesier or less ethical than others, but ultimately it's a state where your subconscious mind can be programmed or deprogrammed.

The main difference being the intention used by the practitioner, is their intention to entertain on a stage or hold energetic space for healing to occur? In coaching sessions I use a conversational form of hypnosis that allows me to hold a space where you feel comfortable to go within and find the answers you already have!

Hypnosis is very much like meditation, where you will feel surprisingly relaxed, rather than out of control. In fact you can't do anything that is outside of normal for you while in hypnosis, your unconscious mind is ALWAYS working to keep you safe and continues to do so at all times.

It's also anytime your focused on a hobby or playing a sport! The things that are being heard during these activities can program your subconscious and create either limiting or ecouraging and confident behaviours and beliefs.

All emotions are a subconscious response, which is why they can seem so hard to control and are highly hypnotic states. Because of this it is vitally important we monitor what we say or do around our young people when they are in a highly emotional state as they are primed and ready to accept what we say as gospel. Imagine feeling sad as a child and someone, either child or adult, says "You are annoying!" and then spending the rest of your life trying to not do things others may find annoying. Could you ever be truely happy?

Keep an ear out for your self talk, especially while driving, in the shower or other quite minded moments... Have you ever driven home and not remembered if you actually stopped at a red light or used your indicator?... and some the best ideas emerge on the throne right? Any time you access your subconscious it is very powerful and revealing, write down what you notice about your self-talk and drifting thoughts while doing these types of taks, if you’ve written something down a few times you have a pattern or belief.

It's important to take action, just knowing you have discovered a limiting belief can feel freeing, but truely transforming it is where the power lies. Sit with it, process it, really feel it and let it be free. Learn from it, after all you created this reality/lesson for a reason.

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If you need help processing your stuff, please reach out I'd be honoured to help you move through it.